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— Intro —
If You Ask
  • Who am I really?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What kind of life do I want to live?
  • How can I find happiness and inner peace?
  • I feel a conflict between my mind and my heart. What to do?
  • I can't decide on this problem... I want to know what is right.
  • Which job?   Which school?   Which lover?
or similar questions, then philosophical consultation might be right for you!

What I Offer
I offer caring dialog that heals and empowers. It is a compassionate philosophical exploration that begins from your questions, and results in insight and understanding. You can experience peace and clarity on issues pertaining to self-knowledge, the meaning of life, conflicts in values, cross-cultural tensions, ethical dilemmas at work and at home, family and relationship issues, and more. Even for issues that don't seem "philosophical," this kind of investigation has the time-tested ability to foster radical shifts in your intellectual, emotional and perceptual experience.
This inquiry heals because thinking and feeling are so closely intermingled that a sincere investigation pays off throughout all of one's experience. Regardless of where one begins inquiry - from the point of anger, fear, hope, wonder, or from the global perspective one's view of life - sincere philosophical inquiry ends up transforming both thinking and feeling.
And this inquiry empowers because it focuses on issues you suggest. It's not guru-centric and can't be done without your active participation. The insights will be yours. The freedom from false beliefs and limiting assumptions will be yours.
Socratic Dialog
Socratic Dialog is the ancient form of conversation that combines close listening with the exploration of one's values and hidden assumptions. It yields insight into all manner of issues, from everyday problems to questions of life and death. I combine Socratic dialogue with modern Western analytic methods.
Nondual Inquiry
Nondual inquiry is another ancient and powerful form of investigation, especially strong in Eastern traditions. Are you seeking inner peace, the meaning of life, contemplating your true nature? Nondual inquiry ("self-inquiry") is the fastest and most direct route to peace and clarity on these vast issues. I use methods culled from Eastern philosophical traditions — the "direct path" from Advaita Vedanta and the Middle Way from Mahayana Buddhism.
Energy Healing
Energy healing is an amazingly quick and gentle way to treat stress, anxiety, anger, fear, resentment, depression and other feelings. Not only are these feelings unpleasant, but they can also block one's philosophical inquiry. If you are Since thinking and feeling are intimately related, when you are able to experience relief from the feelings of anger and resentment at, say, an ex-lover, your inquiry automatically flows more smoothly.
How Consultation Happens
I am based in the New York City area and am available for face-to-face, telephone or online consultation. Online consultation, the most recent form, is surprisingly effective! More than ever before, people are busy and are much more comfortable with electronic media. Find out more about online consultation.
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