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Greg is a dear friend. As I watch him support others in experiencing the deepest Truth of who they are, I see compassion, humor, and a "knowing" in him. That "knowing" is the truest elixir for all transformation. He is that elixir.
—David Ellzey, NYC; Sr. Instructor, The Sedona Method
Dr. Goode has an astounding ability to guide my own inquiry with a sophistication I have never witnessed elsewhere.
—Jon Evans, Designer, Fairfield, Iowa
Greg knows the place from which sages Eastern and Western speak. He resides there. On many levels, it's good to be around Greg. I highly recommend the experience.
—Jerry Katz, Nova Scotia, Canada. Author of From My Driveway You Can See The Moon and editor of The Nonduality Salon
Dr. Goode has a rare talent, an ability to know when to challenge, when to encourage and when to say just the right thing that inspires me to examine my ways of looking at the world to find truly liberating answers to my own questions.
—Sandra Pippa, Energy Healer, Katonah, New York
Greg - a rare man of understanding, a man of humor, a "dangerous" one, that clearly sees through the "bullshit," otherwise known as the "human condition." Beware!
Judi Rhodes, Taos, New Mexico; nonduality teacher and editor of the notorious End of the Rope Ranch e-list.
Greg's continued "throwing back" of false notions are the key element into seeing with clarity. When glimpses of my true nature are seen, then, there is the experience of total freedom.
—Lex Samu, jazz trumpeter, Queens, New York
Greg's one of the few truly agenda-free people I've ever met. He'll meet you on your own terms, and help you with your specific problems without heaping another viewpoint on top.
I had been suffering from a lot of false assumptions about myself, the world, and the spiritual path. I'd unknowingly locked myself into a prison of my own making. Greg helped me see this prison for what it was. That unlocked the inherent joy, creativity and freedom present in all of us.
—Joseph Siemion, scientist, San Diego, California
He has the ability to see to the heart of a problem and present insightful analyses and solutions in a concise and perspicuous manner. He does this always in a patient, compassionate and often humorous way so as to provide maximum benefit with minimum hassle. Greg's a truly enlightened counsellor.
—Dennis Waite, Dorset County, U.K. Author, The Book of One and editor of The Spiritual Path of Advaita portal.
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